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Crumble & Co.

Turning Cookie Cravings into Online Success

Crumble & Co. is a renowned player in the confectionery industry, specialising in crafting delectable biscuits and cookies. They sought to enhance their online presence by reworking their existing website and introducing a new feature - online sales of their mouthwatering in-house cookies.

The Challenges

The key challenges were to enhance user experience by streamlining navigation, integrate an e-commerce platform for smooth online cookie sales, and revamp the visual aesthetics to align with Crumble & Co.'s premium brand identity.

Problems to Solve

Enhance User Experience

Integrate E-commerce Functionality

Improve Visual Aesthetics


User Centric Approach

Research & Analysis

Visual Identity


UX Audit

Client Brief

Market Research

Competitor Analysis


Design Strategy

Visual Design



Mobile App


Wireframing was driven by the design thinking process, placing the user's needs at the heart of the design. The wireframes were thoughtfully crafted to present a visually appealing layout, featuring the cookies prominently and optimizing the user journey.

The homepage features a captivating video that showcase the cookie-making process. The inclusion of a prominent product card aimed to guide users efficiently to the product offerings.

Savory Sights

& Crave Cards

To create a memorable user experience, the team decided to showcase the cookie-making process through an engaging video, fostering a connection with the brand's craftsmanship. 

A product card entices users to explore the product range and directs them to the dedicated products page, simplifying the browsing and shopping journey, and maximising the chances of conversions.

The decision to implement an intuitive cart functionality was rooted in providing a frictionless user experience.


Crumble Cart

The website offers users the convenience of exploring cookies based on categories and flavours. Upon selecting the card, the user will be directed to the Products page.

Flavourful Expeditions

The Outcome

The initiated extensive research, including UX audits, client brief analysis, market research, and competitor analysis helped in gathering the data, which were aimed at enhancing user experience and visual appeal.

Impact on Brand

Improved UX and UI

Successful E-commerce integration

Elevated Brand Perception

The "Products" page showcases a diverse range of Biscuits and Cookies. Users can view precise ingredients for each cookie, fostering transparency and satisfaction.

Customers can now explore and purchase the cookies with ease, allowing the Crumble & Co. to cater to a broader audience and enhance overall customer satisfaction through a smooth and efficient shopping process.

The Brand

Colour Selection

The color palette of Dark Green and Brown was thoughtfully crafted to evoke a sense of trust, sophistication, and comfort, aligning harmoniously with Crumble & Co.'s brand identity and product offerings.


An uniform icon set with consistent sizes of 32px and 24px and a stroke weight of 2px brings visually cohesive icons.


Cinzel and Montserrat are an elegant and classic typefaces, reflecting the brand's premium offerings and long-standing heritage.

Colour Selection

An uniform icon set with consistent sizes of 32px and 24px and a stroke weight of 2px brings visually cohesive icons.

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