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Journey to Financial Freedom Begins Here

SwiftLend is a leading Loan Providing company on a mission to empower rural women and individuals with access to financial opportunities and resources. Through their innovative SwiftLend App, they offer Rural Loans facilitated by trusted agents who assist rural women in securing financial assistance. Additionally, SwiftLend provides Education Loans, Property Loans, and Start-Up Loans to a diverse range of users, catering to their unique financial needs.

The Challenges

SwiftLend faced the challenge of bridging the financial gap in rural areas and enabling aspiring entrepreneurs, students, and individuals to obtain loans easily and efficiently. The company aimed to serve a diverse audience, including rural women seeking financial support, students pursuing higher education, users looking for mortgage, and enthusiastic start-up founders. They recognised the need to streamline the loan application process and enhance accessibility for all their users.

Problems to Solve

Limited Access in Rural Areas

Simplifying Loan Process

Efficient Call-Back System

Enhanced SAAS Product for Admins


User Centric Approach

Research & Analysis

Visual Identity

Collaborative Design


Client Brief

Market Research

Competitor Analysis

Technology & Platform Research


Design Strategy

Visual Design


Web App

Mobile App


Through wireframes, we visualize the app's layout, navigation, and interactions, ensuring a seamless user experience. By prioritizing user needs and pain points, we iterate on wireframe designs, testing different scenarios to identify the most intuitive and efficient solutions.

The Software as a

Service Product (SaaS)

An efficient tool for Super-Admin and Admin

SwiftLend, a powerful SAAS product designed to streamline operations and enhance productivity for Super-Admins and Admins, offering an efficient and user-friendly tool tailored to their unique needs.

Real-Time Insights

at Fingertip

The Dashboard offers a comprehensive and intuitive interface, equipped with segmented control for Statistics and Summary. This feature empowers Super-Admins with real-time insights into the platform's performance and vital loan metrics.

User Management

The Users Screen is a powerful tool that categorizes users into Active and Inactive segments, providing a comprehensive view of the user base. Creating a user-friendly interface for managing a diverse user base was central to the decision-making process.

Loan Management

The decision to create the Loans Screen was driven by the need to simplify and expedite the loan approval process. The team aimed to eliminate confusion and delays by organizing applications into clear categories.

SwiftLend’s App

One App, Two User Types: Users & Agents

The User

With the personalised loan options, users can effortlessly apply for loans, check their credit score, and set up auto-payments, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient borrowing experience.

The Agent

SwiftLend app offers Rural Women a seamless platform to connect with trusted Agents, providing them with personalised guidance and support throughout the loan application process.

The Brand

Colour Selection

Blue and Orange - were chosen strategically to evoke trust, reliability, and stability, while also infusing enthusiasm, and positivity. This harmonious combination creates a balanced and impactful visual identity, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to providing secure financial solutions.


The icon set ranges from 12 px to 40 px, optimized for different screen resolutions, maintaining clarity and visual appeal across various platforms.


Plus Jakarta Sans perfectly complements the brand's persona, adding a touch of professionalism without sacrificing a warm and welcoming ambiance.

Colour Selection

An uniform icon set with consistent sizes of 32px and 24px and a stroke weight of 2px brings visually cohesive icons.

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