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WebCrafta: Where Ideas Shape into Stunning Websites, Effortlessly

WebCrafta is a cutting-edge Software as a Service (SAAS) product tailored for educational institutions seeking efficient and customized website design solutions. With a focus on user-friendliness and innovation, WebCrafta aims to bridge the gap between institutions and UI designers, streamlining the process of designing, reviewing, and publishing websites.

The Challenges

Educational institutions often struggle to create and maintain visually appealing, functional websites that effectively represent their brand and offerings. The existing process of communication between institutions and UI designers is often time-consuming and prone to misunderstandings.

Problems to Solve

Simplify Communication

Accelerate Approval

Efficient Customization


User Centric Approach

Research & Analysis

Design Thinking


User Journey Mapping

Market Research

Competitor Analysis


Design Strategy

Visual Design


Web App


Wireframing within the WebCrafta ecosystem plays a pivotal role in transforming concepts into concrete structures. As a crucial preliminary step in the design journey, wireframing allows educational institutions to visually articulate their website's layout and functionality.

Educational institutes effortlessly create their website using templates, colors, fonts, and pages, submitting requirements to UI Designers.

Effortless Design Customization for Educational Institutes

UI Designers craft tailored websites based on institute's needs, reviewed by Admins before going live.

Seamlessly Collaborate with UI Designers

Put your knowledge to the test with interactive quizzes. Challenge yourself with fun and informative quizzes that reinforce your understanding of language concepts. Test your skills and track your progress as you go.

Centralised Control with Admin Oversight

The Outcome

WebCrafta's journey to innovation was guided by a comprehensive research approach that encompassed multiple facets. Starting with a meticulous client brief analysis, we delved into the specific needs and pain points of educational institutions in their pursuit of exceptional website design. Market research offered insights into the competitive landscape, unveiling opportunities for differentiation.

Impact on Brand

Faster Launches

Enhanced Collaboration

User Satisfaction

The Brand

Colour Selection

The color palette of Dark Grey, Blue, and Green was curated to evoke specific emotional responses. Dark Grey signifies professionalism, establishing a solid foundation for institutional credibility. Blue embodies reliability, resonating with the education sector's reputation for dependability. Green represents growth, aligning perfectly with the institutions' commitment to progress and learning.


By ensuring uniform icon sizes (16px, 20px, and 24px) and stroke weight (1px), we maintained consistency throughout the product.


The selection of Asap and Roboto fonts was driven by the need for a balanced blend of modernity and clarity. Asap communicates an approachable tone, Roboto has excellent readability.


An uniform icon set with consistent sizes of 32px and 24px and a stroke weight of 2px brings visually cohesive icons.

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