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Wiz Your Way to Fluency: The Interactive Language Learning of WizLingo

WizLingo is a dynamic startup focused on revolutionizing language learning. Founded by language enthusiasts, it aims to bridge communication gaps by creating innovative language learning tool. With a background in education technology, the WizLingo team is passionate about making language learning accessible and engaging. Their goal is to empower individuals to learn Kannada through English and vice versa, catering to a wide range of learners from various backgrounds.

The Challenges

WizLingo faced the challenge of creating an intuitive language learning app that effectively taught Kannada to English speakers and English to Kannada speakers. The target audience was vast, encompassing anyone eager to learn a new language. Some pain points included difficulty in grasping complex grammar rules, lack of engaging learning materials, and limited interactivity in existing language apps.

Problems to Solve

Grammar Simplification

Engaging Content

Effective Feedback


User Centric Approach

Research & Analysis

Design Thinking

Future Scalability


User Journey Mapping

Market Research

Competitor Analysis

Technology & Platform Research


Design Strategy

Visual Design

Interactions and Transitions


Mobile App


Wireframing played a pivotal role in shaping the intuitive and engaging user experience of the WizLingo App. The wireframing process focused on translating the app's vision into a visual blueprint, ensuring seamless navigation, interactive engagement, and optimal user flow.

Discover language in a dynamic way through animated videos. Our app offers engaging visual content that teaches you words, phrases, and sentences. Watch captivating animations to absorb language nuances effortlessly.

Animated Video Lessons

Language learning on your terms. Change the language mode instantly, allowing you to switch between Kannada and English as you desire. Seamlessly toggle between languages to enhance your learning experience.

Language Switching On Your Terms

Put your knowledge to the test with interactive quizzes. Challenge yourself with fun and informative quizzes that reinforce your understanding of language concepts. Test your skills and track your progress as you go.

Interactive Quizzes

Win coveted "Collectibles" like "Wizards," "Spellbooks," and "Wands" as you make your way through the app. These collectibles add an element of achievement and motivation to your language learning adventure.

Unlock Collectibles

The Outcome

To address these challenges, our design agency initiated comprehensive research. This involved studying the client's brief, conducting thorough market research, analysing competitors' offerings, and gathering insights through user research. Data-driven decisions were made to develop a user-centric solution that catered to learners' needs and preferences.

Impact on Brand

Enhanced Engagement

Improved Retention

Language Proficiency

The Brand

Colour Selection

Purple, often associated with creativity and wisdom, was a deliberate choice. Lighter shades evoke a sense of calmness, aiding the learning process, while darker shades add a touch of sophistication. The color psychology aligns with WizLingo’s mission to provide a harmonious learning environment.


By ensuring uniform icon sizes (16px, 20px, and 24px) and stroke weight (1px), we maintained consistency throughout the app.


The selection of Taviraj and Thiccboi fonts was strategic. Taviraj, with its elegant curves, reflects the cultural essence of language learning, while Thiccboi's boldness adds a modern touch.


An uniform icon set with consistent sizes of 32px and 24px and a stroke weight of 2px brings visually cohesive icons.

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